Mental Fitness

Our Mental Fitness series provides students with techniques to overcome daily stresses and other issues.

Having a strong Mental Fitness System in place can help students succeed faster and go farther in whatever challenge they pursue.

Who Do You Treat the Same Technique

Uncycling (UC) is about breaking the pattern of being pushed around only to pass that aggression on to others.
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crest-cfmp-285ANGER GOAL
Why? What? Technique

Anger Goal (AG) shows you how to redirect  your negative emotions to make the best  use of them.
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crest-cfmp-285THE PROBLEM GAME
Untangling Technique

The Problem Game (TPG) explains how you can take a problem apart to find the solution hidden inside.
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crest-cfmp-285BORING BOREDOM
Boring Technique

Boring Boredom (BB) introduces a technique to keep from spinning out into anger and frustration whenever you find yourself bored.
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Look for more videos in the future.

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