Student Projects

2019-2020 Student Projects Listings

[listings will be available Spring 2020]

Four ways your business can take part every month






Extra Stuff?
Students can use it
Students enrolled in the GrowBuck by ReBuildUp program can make their ideas a reality when your business takes part in Student Projects (SP).

It starts with your business sending in details about the extra item or items your company is willing to donate to students in your area.


Students see your item posting and then send in their anonymous Project Pitches through ReBuildUp detailing what they’d do with your extra stuff.

If your company produces finished goods, like stickers, students can include a copy of their digital artwork with their Project Pitch.

Your business can review and pick the best Project Pitches for each item or the instructor or ReBuildUp can do this for you. Classroom Instructors sending in student pitches need to use the Student’s assigned GrowBuck letter to keep their identity anonymous. Parents need to use their home id for students taking part through the Home Edition.


Once the winning Project Pitch for each item is chosen, you can drop off your donation at the school or someone can pick it up and give it to selected students for them to keep or sell to other students using GrowBucks. Students taking part in the Home Edition will always pick up project items.

Your participation helps students practice their critical thinking and writing skills when sending in their Project Pitches.

If interested, visit our Business Partner page to contact us regarding donating your extra items to a participating classroom near you.

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