Student Showcase

2019-2020 Student Showcase Listings

[listings will be available Spring 2020]


Extra Space?
Students Can Fill It
Student Showcase (SSh), an add on to our GrowBuck by ReBuildUp program, allows your business to post about extra shelf, counter, or table space you’re willing to let students use to show off their artwork or products for sale.


Students send in their anonymous Project Pitches detailing what they’d do with your extra space and once a winner is chosen, you just have to pick up the item from the school.

Any money made from student products sold at your business goes to the school as a fundraiser.

For classrooms participating in the Spring Season of the Food Growing League, a Mother’s Day Plant Sale School Fundraiser can be held to drive foot traffic to your place of business.

If interested, visit our Business Partner page to contact us regarding volunteering your extra space to a participating classroom near you.

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