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2/20 Pitch Drill @ B’nai Shalom Day School

rebuildup_CRESTS-B'NAI-DAY-CI-300PRIVATE EVENT – On Tuesday, February, 20th, 5th-8th graders at B’nai Shalom Day School will play Cashless Incubator to compete on their own or in teams of two to solve a local problem with a skills for resources trading technique.

VIDEO: Cashless Incubator

The Cashless Incubator is a skills for resources trading game.  It also teaches about contracts, market testing ideas, and investing.

The Cashless Incubator is one of the two games along with Pitch Drill that will be played at our upcoming Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series events starting Tuesday, October 7th at Greensboro Public Library branches sponsored by Summit Credit Union.

PICTURE: Pitch Drill (and CI Beta Test) @ Vance Chavis Library 7/31 sponsored by Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union

Great event at Vance Chavis Library sponsored by Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union as both Pitch Drill and the new Cashless Incubator game were played.  Big thanks to the participants which included 6 players who came out again after playing Economy, Jr. and this was the 3rd ReBuildUp event for one of those 6.

We got wrapped up in beta testing the new Cashless Incubator game and only managed to get in one picture of the action for the entire event:

Learning how to fill out a skills for resources contract

Event Image

Internship Opportunity – Gourmet Cookies

[Click the image for larger version]

If you live in Alamance County, take advantage of this “sweet” internship in the Cashless Incubator.   Experience with starting a home based business along with free baked goods and taste testing new flavors make this a great gig.

You can sign up by clicking here.

See what else is available by going to the NC Triad CI page and contact us if you have any questions about applying or listing your own internship.