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New Economy, Jr. 2015 Edition

EJ-Logo-800x800In late January/early February 2015 we plan on releasing an updated version of Economy, Jr. that will include the following additions:

– Player Orientation Video
– Credit Card Monthly Payment Store for Customer Players
– Business Licenses for Merchant Players
– One more addition in the works.

Contact us if you’re interesting in pre-ordering the new kit.

Thanks again for your support!

11/18 PitchPocalypse Postponed to February 2015

rebuildup_CRESTS-PitchPocalypse-2-15-v2-300Due to some delays, we’ll be postponing the PitchPocalypse pitching contest originally planned for Tuesday, November 18th 6-8pm at Central Library to a later date some time in February 2015.

We thank event sponsor Summit Credit Union for their continued support and look forward to the high school event they’ll be sponsoring next week.

PICTURES: 10/30 TE @ McGirt-Horton Library sponsored by Summit Credit Union

Good competition between teams in both Pitch Drill and the Cashless Incubator.  This was the 7th event of the series sponsored by Summit Credit Union.
Teams planning their products during Pitch Drill.
Team #1 got the win in Pitch Drill and Finalist #2 won out in the Cashless Incubator.  Looking forward to some of their $300 PitchPocalypse contest entries.

Final stop of the Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series will be Kathleen Clay Library on Tuesday, November 4th 6-8pm.  This event will be FILMED for a news story so please come out and take part.  Call 336-373-2923 to RSVP or just show up.

10/30 Teen Entrepreneur @ McGirt-Horton Library sponsored by Summit Credit Union

rebuildup_CRESTS-McGIRT-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – Next to last stop for the Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series tonight 6-8pm at McGirt-Horton Library sponsored by Summit Credit Union.

Pitch Drill will be followed by the Cashless Incubator and playing both makes you eligible to enter our $300 PitchPocalypse pitching contest.

Call 336-373-2015 to RSVP or just show up.

10/21 Teen Entrepreneur @ Glenn McNairy Library sponsored by Summit Credit Union

rebuildup_CRESTS-GlennMcNairy-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – The Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series arrives in Northwestern Greensboro at Glenn McNairy Library on Tuesday, October 21st 6-8pm.  Sponsored by Summit Credit Union, teens get to play Pitch Drill and The Cashless Incubator back to back to learn the skills to make their own product ideas a reality.  Players are eligible to enter our $300 PitchPocalypse on November 18th at Central Library.

Call 336-373-2015 to RSVP.  Hope to see you there!

Thank You B’nai Shalom Day School

Thank you again for ReBuildUp’s warm welcome at B’nai Shalom Day School.  The first round of Economy, Jr. went great with 29 5th-8th grade students playing as either Customers or Merchants.

Looking forward to Round 2 in early November.

10/16 Teen Entrepreneur @ Benjamin Library sponsored by Summit Credit Union

rebuildup_CRESTS-Benjamin-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – The Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series arrives at Benjamin Library on Thursday, October 16th 6-8pm.  Play Pitch Drill and Cashless Incubator games back to back to qualify for our November 18th $300 PitchPocalypse Contest.  Call 336-373-7540 to RSVP.

Thank you as always to our sponsor Summit Credit Union.

10/15 Economy, Jr. @ B’nai Shalom Day School

rebuildup_CRESTS-B'NAI-DAY-EJ-300PRIVATE EVENTEconomy, Jr. will be held for 5th-8th grade students at B’nai Shalom Day School on Wednesday, October 15th.
This event is sponsored by B’nai Shalom Day School.

VIDEO: Teen Entrepreneur Series @ Greensboro Library sponsored by Summit Credit Union

This event has been postponed until February 2015.
Click Here for Details

We are excited to announce the follow up to our successful Economic Literacy Summer Series at Greensboro Public Library with the Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series sponsored by Summit Credit Union.
Here are the events dates:

Tuesday, Oct. 7th
Teen Entrepreneur
Glenwood Library
Greensboro, NC
Call 336-297-5000 to RSVP

Tuesday, Oct. 14th
Teen Entrepreneur
Central Library
Greensboro, NC
Call 336-373-2471 to RSVP

Thursday, Oct. 16th
Teen Entrepreneur
Benjamin Library
Greensboro, NC
Call 336-373-7540 to RSVP

Tuesday, Oct. 21st
Teen Entrepreneur
McNairy Library
Greensboro, NC
Call 336-373-2015 to RSVP

Thursday, Oct. 23rd
Teen Entrepreneur
Vance Chavis Library
Greensboro, NC
Call 336-373-5838 to RSVP

Tuesday, Oct. 28th
Teen Entrepreneur
Hemphill Library
Greensboro, NC
Call 336-373-2925 to RSVP

Thursday, Oct. 30th
Teen Entrepreneur
McGirt-Horton Library
Greensboro, NC
Call 336-373-5810 to RSVP

Tuesday, Nov. 4th
Teen Entrepreneur
Kathleen Clay Library
Greensboro, NC
Call 336-373-2923 to RSVP

Tuesday, Nov. 18th
[Postponed to February 2015]
Central Library
Downtown Greensboro, NC
(Players Chosen from Participants of Teen Entrepreneur Events)

This series is different in two big ways:
TE-Logo-3001) Each Teen Entrepreneur event consists of our Pitch Drill and Cashless Incubator games held back to back per event to help players learn in a fun environment the basics of developing a business plan, presenting it, developing product ideas, market testing those ideas, and how to trade their skills for resources with little or no money.  The Cashless Incubator game will be using headlines from the News & Record to come up with product ideas.
PP-Logo-New-3002) After completing a Teen Entrepreneur event, players have the opportunity to submit their own teen business idea to compete with seven others at our November 18th PitchPocalypse contest with $300 going to the winning startup along with great prizes for 2nd and 3rd place winners.  Details provided on the entry form available to players of our Teen Entrepreneur Events.

The PitchPocalypse will have judges from the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, Summit Credit Union, and UNCG’s North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center for the November 18th event at the Greensboro Public Library Central BranchShift, the Nussbaum Center’s Entrepreneur Group, is helping organize each of these events.

We’re still looking for judges with business backgrounds for some of our Teen Entrepreneur events so if you’re interested, please Contact Us with which events work best for your schedule.