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PICTURES: Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series Completed sponsored by Summit Credit Union

gsofall-siteThank you again to Summit Credit Union for sponsoring the Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series that ran October 7th to November 4th, 2014 at all Greensboro Public Library Branches.

Here is a recap of events in pictures:

















PICTURES: Economic Literacy Summer Series Complete sponsored by Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union

gso-summer-logo-285-v2Thanks to all the branches of the Greensboro Public Library along with sponsor Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit for making the Economic Literacy Summer Series possible.  Not to mention all the volunteers and participants.  We’ll be announcing a similar event in the fall, but in the meantime, check out pictures from this June 7th to August 5th summer program:

Event ImageKathClay-600-1
Event ImageHemphill-1-600
Event ImageBENJ-4-600
Event Imagemcgirt-2-600
Event ImageVance-3
Event ImageGlenwood-1-600
Event ImageVANCE2-1
Event ImageCentral-1-600

PICTURES: Economy, Jr. @ Kathleen Clay Library 6/7 sponsored by GMFCU

We kicked off the “Economic Literacy Summer Series” right at Kathleen Clay Library on Saturday, June 7th.

For this Summer Series event and all others, Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union (GMFCU) is our generous sponsor with Shift, the Nussbaum Center’s entrepreneur group, helping organize volunteers.

View from the Merchant’s side of the table

Starting up Economy, Jr.

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Event Image

Economy, Jr. @ Kathleen Clay Library Sat. 6/7 2-3:30pm sponsored by Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union

Kicking off the Economic Literacy Summer Series sponsored by Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union is Economy, Jr. at Kathleen Clay Library Saturday, June 7th 2:00-3:30pm FREE for area teens.

Economy, Jr. provides students with insight into both sides of the economic coin by having them choose at the start of the game whether they want to play as a customer spending a month’s paycheck from their chosen career on necessities such as housing, groceries, child care, and more or as a merchant selling these products to customers to cover daily overhead and hopefully post a profit.

RSVP for your teen by calling 336-373-2923
Event Image

Greensboro Library to hold 9 ReBuildUp events

city_G_Library_logo_apr_2010_349The Greensboro Public Library system has plans to hold a series of Economy, Jr.’s and Jobs Courses (Economy, Jr plus Pitch Drill) between March and August 2014 at their area branches.

These are the dates and times for the nine events:

Glenwood Library – Saturday, March 22nd @ 2-4:30pm
Jobs Course (Economy, Jr. plus Pitch Drill)

Kathleen Clay – Saturday, June 7th @ 2-3:30pm
Economy, Jr.

Hemphill Library – Tuesday, June 17th @ 6:30-8:00
Economy, Jr.

Benjamin Library – Saturday, June 21st @ 10:30am-1:00pm
Jobs Course (Economy, Jr. plus Pitch Drill)

McGirt-Horton – July, 17th @ 6-7:30pm
Economy, Jr.

Vance Chavis – Thursday, July 24th @ 6-7:30pm
Economy, Jr. (this is the Jobs Course held as a series)

Glenwood Library – Thursday, July 26th @ 2-3:30pm
Jobs Course (Economy, Jr. plus Pitch Drill)

Vance Chavis – Thursday, July 31st @ 6-7:30pm
Pitch Drill (this is the Jobs Course held as a series)

Central Library – Tuesday, August 5th @ 6-7:30pm
Economy, Jr.


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