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May 2015 PitchPocalypse winner profiled in the News & Record

Congrats to Heather Pendrak with her 3D Scanning business whose  gone from winning 1st place at our May 2015 PitchPocalypse business plan contest to enrolling in the Triad Startup Lab and being profiled in the News & Record on July 27th as one of the promising up and coming entrepreneurs in Greensboro.

“Inside, Heather Pendrak of Jamestown demonstrated how she makes busts of everyday people using a 3-D scanner and one of the 3-D printers at The Forge. Not long after the Ragsdale High School teacher discovered the technique, she learned about the Triad Start-Up Lab and The Forge.”

Click here to read the full article

10/23 TE @ Vance Chavis Library News & Record Game Headline

rebuildup_CRESTS-Vance-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – The News & Record Headline we’ll be using for the Cashless Incubator part of our two game Teen Entrepreneur event at Vance Chavis Library tonight from 6-8pm will be: “Teen suffered brain injury in wreck north of Burlington.”

The Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series is sponsored by Summit Credit UnionCall 336-373-5838 or just show up at the event. at 6pm.

10/21 TE @ McNairy Library N&R Game Headline

rebuildup_CRESTS-GlennMcNairy-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – The News & Record Headline we’ll be using for the Cashless Incubator part of our two game Teen Entrepreneur event at Glenn McNairy Library tonight from 6-8pm will be: “Greensboro pizza delivery man robbed.”

The Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series is sponsored by Summit Credit UnionCall 336-373-2015 to RSVP or just show up at 6pm.

10/16 TE @ Benjamin Library N&R Game Headline

rebuildup_CRESTS-Benjamin-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – The problem players of the Cashless Incubator will be solving tonight involves “Pet adoption fairs and fundraisers.”

This problem is from today’s News & Record and you can try solving it by coming out to Benjamin Library tonight 6-8pm.  Players also get to play Pitch Drill along with become eligible to enter our $300 PitchPocaylpse pitching contest November 18th 6-8pm at Central Library.  Call 336-373-7540 to RSVP for tonight’s event.

Tonight’s event is sponsored by Summit Credit Union.

10/14 TE @ Central News & Record Game Headline

rebuildup_CRESTS-Central-GSOfalli-TE-300PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – The News & Record headline being used for tonight’s Cashless Incubator game will be: “Liquid nicotine exposures up sharply among kids.”  Players will be asked to solve this problem using the skills and resources they acquire during game play.

The Cashless Incubator is one of two games along with Pitch Drill played at each Teen Entrepreneur Fall Series event which is sponsored by Summit Credit Union.  RSVP for tonight’s game 6-8pm at Greensboro’s Central Library by calling 336-373-2471.

And remember, players of this Series are eligible to compete for $300 and other prizes in the November 18th PitchPocalypse.

Bow Times Founder on Front Page of News & Record

bow times logoYou may recall Noah Cameron of Bow Times who took part in our ReBuildUp Jobs Course at Noble Academy in Spring 2014.
His startup was recently included in a front page article in the News & Record as part of the Triad Startup Lab.
News-Record-logo-blk-type“Noah Cameron, a rising freshman at Randolph Community College, is trying to turn his handmade wooden bow ties into a self-sustaining business. He has tweaked the design to make them easier to produce.” CLICK HERE for the full article

Way to go Noah!

News & Record Prints Letter about Economy, Jr. at Greensboro Public Library

News-Record-logo-blk-typeThanks to the News & Record for printing a letter to the editor about our Economy, Jr. program at Greensboro Public Library branches this summer in their Saturday, July 19th newspaper issue.  Here’s an excerpt of the letter:

Financial literacy can shape young futures
“Thanks for your July 14 front-page article: “An Education in Money.” The Greensboro Public Library is holding several “Economy Jr.” financial and business literacy events at area branches this July and August. The business literacy part is especially important with the recent Rupe Foundation study on Millennials, finding that 55 percent of them showing an interest in launching their own businesses some day…” – Click Here to Read the Rest