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Greensboro Library to hold 9 ReBuildUp events

city_G_Library_logo_apr_2010_349The Greensboro Public Library system has plans to hold a series of Economy, Jr.’s and Jobs Courses (Economy, Jr plus Pitch Drill) between March and August 2014 at their area branches.

These are the dates and times for the nine events:

Glenwood Library – Saturday, March 22nd @ 2-4:30pm
Jobs Course (Economy, Jr. plus Pitch Drill)

Kathleen Clay – Saturday, June 7th @ 2-3:30pm
Economy, Jr.

Hemphill Library – Tuesday, June 17th @ 6:30-8:00
Economy, Jr.

Benjamin Library – Saturday, June 21st @ 10:30am-1:00pm
Jobs Course (Economy, Jr. plus Pitch Drill)

McGirt-Horton – July, 17th @ 6-7:30pm
Economy, Jr.

Vance Chavis – Thursday, July 24th @ 6-7:30pm
Economy, Jr. (this is the Jobs Course held as a series)

Glenwood Library – Thursday, July 26th @ 2-3:30pm
Jobs Course (Economy, Jr. plus Pitch Drill)

Vance Chavis – Thursday, July 31st @ 6-7:30pm
Pitch Drill (this is the Jobs Course held as a series)

Central Library – Tuesday, August 5th @ 6-7:30pm
Economy, Jr.


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Pitch Drill Contest at Deep Roots March 8th Sponsored by Business Cents

DR-Crest-PD-800PUBLIC (FREE) EVENT – On Saturday, March 8th from 1:00-2:30pm, Deep Roots Market will be hosting “Pitch Drill,” a fast paced introduction to business plans and pitching by having you develop and present a profitable solution for a specific problem before a panel of volunteer judges.

Business Cents, a small business bookkeeping service, is sponsoring the event with Shift, the Nussbaum Center’s startup group, providing

Here’s your chance to get creative and stand out in the crowd.  First, second, and third place winners will be profiled in the May issue of Natural Triad Magazine.  Who knows, your idea might turn into something big!

The judges will be made up of influential members of the Triad’s health and small business community.  Needless to say, the topic picked by the judges will have something to do with the organic industry.

You’re welcome to show up the day of to compete, but it’s much appreciated if you RSVP in advance by Clicking Here.  Remember to bring your own pen and paper to work with during the contest.  Deep Roots Market is located in Downtown Greensboro at 600 N. Eugene Street a few blocks from the ballpark.

New Date: 3/22 for Glenwood Library Economy, Jr.

EJ-Logo-800x800FREE PUBLIC EVENT – Saturday, March 22nd from 2:00-4:30pm at Glenwood Library, part of the Greensboro Library System, has been set as the new date for the Economy, Jr. originally scheduled for January 23rd that was delayed due to incremental weather.  This event will feature another game called “Pitch Drill” held after Economy, Jr. as part of the ReBuildUp Jobs Course.  This event is being held for area teens.  More details coming soon. #GBL

Economy Jr at Deep Roots Sunday, January 19th

DR-YWCA-800x800-1PUBLIC SIGN UP (FREE EVENT) Sunday, January 19th from 2:00-3:30pm, an Economy, Jr. will be held at Deep Roots Market in Downtown Greensboro thanks to sponsor Natural Triad Magazine along with the Nussbaum Entrepreneurship Center’s Startup group Shift providing volunteers.

Healthy snacks courtesy of Deep Roots Market provided to participants.

So if you have a child 11 years old and up in need of some education on how the real world works when it comes to paying bills on a limited budget or seeing what it’s like to run a business selling products and services to make payroll, Contact Us to register!

Remember to bring a pen or pencil along with your own calculator or a smart phone with an easy to use calculator app.